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Bloom follows the life of Sierra Schlag as she navigates the world after losing her father on 9/11. As Sierra matures, she explores her grief and identity as a Japanese-American and finds herself under the cloak of depression. While she navigates these complexities, Sierra finds a way to connect with her dad and heal through skiing.


“Grow forward towards the light to bloom.”


Support from evo, Picture Organic Clothing, Atomic and Aspen Snowmass.

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Advice for Girls

“Advice for Girls” will be a feature-length ski film showcasing the collective experience of women in the ski industry. It will dive into the not-so-pretty details of being a female professional athlete, as well as celebrate the ways that we are changing the sport for the better.


Throughout the film, you will hear about the lessons that each of the athletes has learned through their experiences, and watch them pass advice on to the next generation of female skiers. With an all-female cast AND production crew, the film aims to deliver a high-quality cinematic ski experience that is sure to inspire skiers and creatives across the world.

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Chop Your Own Wood

"Chop Your Own Wood" is a short film centered around the idea that if you chop your own wood it'll warm you twice. It will parallel shots of chopping wood for a fire to ski touring and the foot-powered work it takes to ski in the backcountry.

It will feature only women, changing the narrative around outdoor work and the origin of "chopping your own wood."


Directed & Edited by Kyle Hilken. Produced by Sierra Schlag. Additional Cinematography by Jack Elder.

Directed by Sara Beam Robbins and The Road West Traveled. Additional Cinematography by Iz La Motte. Photography by Bianca Germain and Katie Cooney. Produced by Addy Jacobsend and Sierra Schlag.

Directed & Produced by Kellyn Wilson. Cinematography by Laura Obermeyer.

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